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Come to me and I will help you change your life. Using life coach methods.

Dianne became aware she was psychic in 1985. She had been present at the unexpected death of her mother. She witnessed her slowly dying of a heart attack. For Dianne, the experience opened a channel to another world.

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Some people become psychic after extensive, in-depth meditations over months, even years.

For Dianne, trauma was the precipitator. She became aware she was hearing messages for people from a universal source and it helped people to hear those messages. She had become clairaudient. She did not require tarot cards or any other tools in order to do the readings. She simply sat in a chair, quietened her mind and entered an almost trance-like state in front of her client.

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The messages would begin to come through. Dianne also is clairsentient. She tunes into the feelings of the client and to the feelings of those who have past. People often have intense experiences regarding past loved ones when they are with Dianne. She works with her clients in sessions to help them reconcile the information that is coming through, so they leave the session calm and in control.

The information being channelled through Dianne is to help her clients, giving them clarifications and direction on how to deal with life and all its problems. Often making them aware of talents, gifts and abilities they never knew they had!

Dianne often works with companies, businesses, post-graduates in academia, artists and writers to further expand their ideas, directions and enterprises. Artists and writers are often working on a global scale.

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Where is the Information coming from?

Dianne believes in the expression of the divine; in the world of the unknown or the world of infinite possibilities. Scientists have recently described the field where such knowledge is available as akin to the force of gravity. She believes Carl Jung was on the right track when he referred to the "collective unconscious".

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Dianne has recently been assessed by psychics as having the "gift of healing". Any client seeking a reading from her will receive some healing.

This is partially because she has a high level of "heart coherence". She has a highly developed level of empathy and compassion.

When you have a high level of heart coherence a measurable magnetic field projects beyond the body; the magnetic field has an energy and that energy is a frequency which carries information and often healing.

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People often comment on Dianne's appearance: that she has an aura; that she is different. People will approach Dianne in the street and say they felt compelled to look at her; that they couldn't stop looking. Those people are probably picking up on the magnetic field around her.

Footnote:People are often afraid of psychics, even abusive. There are charlatans in every field!
It is good to remind people that psychoanalyst Carl Jung believed in the paranormal and the para-psychological and his book "Memories, Dreams and Reflections" is worth reading.
Also the renowned poet and writer W.B. Yeats, who won the Nobel Prize for Literature was very heavily into the occult. His wife was a trance medium.

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"Dianne, You have changed my life"

Sam Tabac,
Computer Expert

"Dianne, I have stopped self-harming since I saw you. You gave me deeper insight into my problems"

Lisa Enright,

"You told me I would receive an inheritance on the 3rd of March or May. It happened on the 3rd of May."

Leading Portrait Painter,


Dianne works out of Rooms in Wattletree Road, Armadale (Fed Square Tram 5). She sometimes works out of “The Sacred Source” Malvern or in rooms at “Sacred Mist” both in Glenferrie Road, Malvern.

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Dianne donates $10 from each and every reading to the following charities:

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