In this time of incredible global stress and emphasis on materialism with all its social pressures, it's important to tune out and relax; to access the divine within and beyond us all.

This requires a quiet space which will not be interrupted and the allotting of time, preferably half an hour to an hour.
Do not go searching for complex meditation ideas. Simply find online the sounds of the ocean or forest or the sound of the Zen Japanese bamboo flute. Sit in a comfortable position or lie down while listening and concentrating on the sound. If you choose, you can close your eyes.

At first you will have a movie before you of all that has been happening in your life and all that is about to happen. Be aware of it and begin to slow the movie down being non-judgemental. Let the thoughts flow in and out while concentrating on your breathing. Gradually there will be periods where your mind is still. Just concentrate on that stillness and try to go deeper and deeper into a type of trance.

It is important to remain non-judgemental especially if fleeting ideas infiltrate your mind.
Let them float away as you slow your breathing right down.
See blackness in your mind and be compassionate towards yourself. Try to go deeper and sustain your breathing.

If you can access this deep state try to stay with it as long as you can. Do not be frustrated if you do not have complete success. Do not give up! Set a time for tomorrow and try again. Often it takes persistence to achieve a meditative state. BE calm and in control. Stay positive. It will happen for you if you stick with it. The benefits of meditation are extensive and can be accessed online. Research them if you wish.

Dream Interpretation

Often in readings I will interpret dreams for the client especially if they are recurring. Important messages from the world of infinite possibilities are often relayed to us via our sleep state. Keep a journal of recurring dreams and bring them with you if you attend for a reading. Take note of symbols or visual messages. Particularly note dreams in relation to children, or the mother or father. Take note of disturbing dreams and never be embarrassed by what you see. Accept that it has occurred and move on. Much valuable information is relayed to us when we are not on alert. Be thankful that you have experienced an important dream and transcribe the information.

Carl Jung, the psychoanalyst felt that dreams were paramount in interpreting the world around him and others, but often he approached the interpretation from the psychoanalytic point of view.

I try to interpret dreams from the divine point of view but I will employ a psychological interpretation from time to time if I feel it is of benefit to the client.


Dianne works out of Armadale and Malvern which are accessible from the city of Melbourne by tram or from the suburbs via Glenferrie Road. She sometimes works out of “The Sacred Source” or in rooms at “Sacred Mist” both in Glenferrie Road, Malvern, Victoria.

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Dianne Edwards reads sacred source
every 2nd Saturday @ 10:30am to 6pm.

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Dianne donates $10 from each and every reading to the following charities:

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