Dianne: Educational Background

Dianne has 'extended consciousness' which means she has the gifts of predicting future outcomes; remote viewing (the ability to receive information about a person, structure or object at a distance); Psychometry (ability to read information & messages from objects belonging to loved onces who have passed); Mental Telepathy; Extra Sensory Perception and Absent Healing.

Dianne has a B.A.M.A. Prelim. M.A. Studies Diploma of Education from Melbourne University. She majored in History, History and Philosophy of Science and Music. Her M.A. Prelim covered the Analysis of a Public Health Act and her M.A. concentrated on the ‘Process of Suburbanisation’ in Melbourne. For her Diploma of Education, Dianne concentrated on Child and Adolescent Psychology.

At first upon leaving University she wrote History Books and later worked as an Editor in Academia. She then worked as a Journalist before moving into Publicity, Marketing and Advertising. She has worked for major institutions as a Strategist in the Promotion and Development of their companies.

Dianne established her own Publicity, Marketing and Advertising company working mainly for the Arts Nationwide. She studied Business Enterprise and Psychology.

Why Dianne is Unique as a Psychic

She has a Strong Academic Background.

She is very creative and therefore understands Artists and Writers. She has studied Art and Creative Writing.

She has owned and run a successful Business Enterprise and understands the development of sound business strategies.

She has studied psychology extensively.

How Individuals May Transform as a Result of Psychic Readings

This year I had a woman with a shopping trolley present at the shop where I sometimes read. I happened to be at the counter at the time. She was about 60 and at first appeared nondescript, however she spoke well. She requested a Reading.

I at once determined that she was a children’s writer but had had nothing published. She produced a manuscript and said it was to be published in the United Kingdom. I started examining it. My feeling was that Australian publishers would not have seen the potential.

She had illustrated it and the drawings were amazing. I’d seen nothing like it.

I advised her that the published work would be distributed globally and she would be an International success.

I also advised her to start studying animation as film companies would approach her for copyright in order to produce a feature film. I told her to view every animated film she could find.

Knowledge of animation would put her in a stronger position to negotiate a contract and have input into film production and direction.

I felt very privileged to have met her and to have guided her to further empowerment.


Dianne works out of Armadale and Malvern which are accessible from the city of Melbourne by tram or from the suburbs via Glenferrie Road. She sometimes works out of “The Sacred Source” or in rooms at “Sacred Mist” both in Glenferrie Road, Malvern, Victoria.

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Suite 2, 40 Wattletree Road, Armadale, Victoria 3143

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Dianne donates $10 from each and every reading to the following charities:

  • The Allanah and Madeline Foundation
  • Bravehearts.org.au